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Pre-requisites in transacting through PPA ePayment

For Vessel/Cargo transactions:

a. PPA PU/C has already submitted vessel/cargo documents at the baseport/terminal where he intends to dock and/or load/unload cargo.

b. A valid Computation Sheet (vessel/cargo) has already been prepared by the baseport/terminal processor either through the Internet-based Port Operations and Receipting for Terminals System (iPORTS) or Port Operations Management System (POMS), whichever is applicable at the site.

For Accreditation/Permit transactions:

a. PPA PU/C has already applied for accreditation thru Electronic Accreditation System (eAS) or permit/pass through the Electronic Permit Management System (ePMS).

b. A valid Order of Payment (OOP) has already been issued electronically by ePMS to the registered PU/C.

Payment Process

1. Customer logs in to PROMPT EPS. Customer selects bills to be processed for payment. PROMPT EPS sends reference number to EPGP where payment will be processed.

2. EPGP processes payment then sends notification with reference number to PPA system to tag the transaction as paid. EPGP will then send an electronic notification to the customer of paid transaction that will serve as basis for the clearance of vessel/cargo.

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