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1. The Customer logs-in to e-Permit (ePMS). Customer applies for Permit/Pass/PTOc and uploads Documentary Requirements to e-Permit.

2. E-Permit vailidates/authenticates documentary requirements and processes Application for Permits/Pass/PTOc.

3. Customer pays necessary Fees via Front-end Invoicing and Receipting SysTem (FIRST) or thru ePayment System (EPS). If via ePayment, Bancnet processes payment then sends notification with reference number to ePermit and ePayment System to tag the transaction as paid; if payment is thru FIRST, Official Receipt details are recorded in the ePMS and tagged as paid.

4. ePermit notifies Customer on the Approval status of the Permit/Pass/PTOC.

5. Customer receives approved Permit / Pass / PTOc.